Ilia Necklace


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  • hand-hammered
  • 18k rose-gold-plated
  • nickel-free
  • raw material brass

„Ilios“ derives from the greek language, meaning sun.
The sun, as the source of all light and cosmic power, symbolising the spirit of all beings on earth. Without it, life wouldn’t be possible - it is the star that magnetises all other heavenly bodies, giving them a place and purpose. It is a symbol of power and light.

This necklace truly goes with every outfit and is the perfect buddy for everyday life.
It has a beautiful hand-hammered structure, giving it a unique look, while keeping it simple.
Also view the Ilia Mini Necklace for a smaller version of the same design. Combine with our Ilia Studs with a 13 or 16mm diameter as a set.